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Crochet Tip for Today

Patty---web-2[1]Good morning, crocheters. I have learned the hard way on this tip: when you are changing colors often, on a crochet project, leave an extra long tail on the changing color. This gives you yarn to use when crocheting a finished edge and you won't have to work in as many tails when you are finished. I hope you are all having a wonderful Holiday season. I also trust that you are crocheting some wonderful holiday gifts for loved ones. Everyone loves a beautiful handmade gift! Just remember, the days are ticking away, so crochet, crochet, crochet! signature-pd

Crochet Patterns Available In Yarn Shops

ChooChooHoodyGood morning, Crocheters. Well I've had a very busy week. I finally finished the Yarn Shops mailing and am waiting to see if I was successful on that front. (fingers crossed). I have also been visiting yarn shops in the Seattle metro area, and thrilled to say that 100% of the shops visited are going to carry my patterns. You can now find my patterns at Bad Woman Yarn, Full Circle, Seattle Yarn, and Harmony Yarn in Idaho  It's a small start, but very exciting! Of course, you can always find new patterns on my site! Now enough of this business "stuff" I'm going to crochet! My 18 year old daughter wants one of the Choo Choo Hoodies in the worst way. Today I'm going to focus on crocheting it in her size. Hope you all have a wonderful crochet pattern to work on today as well. Remember, Live is Short. Crochet More! signature-pd