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Girls Easy Crochet Sweater Pattern

Easy Crochet Pattern for Beginners
Crochet is becoming more and more popular. This resurgence in  crochet makes me very happy. If you're a beginner, this girls sweater cardigan crochet pattern is the perfect place to start. Not only is it easy to crochet, you get the added bonus that it is something you'll be proud to say "I crocheted it myself"! Even if you have been crocheting for years, you will have fun crocheting this beautiful sweater design. Look for this, and many more contemporary crochet patterns at
Pick out your favorite yarn, purchase your crochet pattern, and Have a Great Crochet Day!

Harley Davidson Jacket Crochet Pattern

Motorcycle Jacket Crochet Pattern

Harley Motorcycle Jacket Crochet Pattern

This Harley Crochet Jacket is in a tie for my biggest seller along with the Letterman's Jacket. I appreciate my customers that have been sending wonderful messages, to my website, about how much they love the patterns. It's also exciting to hear how easy my patterns are to follow, and how much they are enjoying crocheting the patterns. The Motorcycle Jacket Crochet Pattern looks much harder than it is to crochet. The patterns is written line by line which makes it easy to follow. Give it a try. Have a Great Crochet Day

Jean Jacket Crochet Pattern

Jean Jacket Cool

  Hello, fellow crochet addicts. If you're looking for a fun and easy crochet pattern that works equally well for both boys and girls, check out my Jean Jacket design. This crochet pattern is designed using simple single crochet stitches, but looks very impressive when finished. The top stitching adds the finishing touch to make it look just like the classic denim version. Any little boy or girl will look darling in this wonderful  crochet jacket. Start a new crochet project today!

Publishing Crochet Patterns

Good morning, crocheters.  I'm excited to tell you about an opportunity for Patty Davis Designs. I am currently talking to a publisher about doing a Brite Babies TM book, by Patty Davis Designs. How cool would that be? I have been working deligently on designing many more crochet patterns for both girls and boys. Due to requests from customers, I am also expanding my size ranges up to size 6. Of course my new designs will have the same sense of color, whimsy, and will be easy to crochet. If you haven't already, check out the lastest crochet patterns at Have an awesome crochet day!

Crochet Like Crazy

Wow, can you believe there are only two days left until Christmas? I hope those of you that crocheting my designs as gifts are finished. If not, you need to crochet like crazy. For those of you that purchased my Christmas crochet patterns, please e-mail me pictures of your little ones wearing the finished crochet garments. I would love to put them up on the customer gallery. It's now time to start working on those sweet spring crochet projects. I will be adding patterns of my spring collection soon. Have a wonderful crochet day. signature-pd

Crochet Patterns

Good afternoon, crocheters. Wow, what a busy season. I'm not ony getting ready for Christmas, but also designing and crocheting my spring line to take to The National Needlearts Association (TNNA) trade show in January.  I'm really looking forward to sharing the new designs with all of you. I would love to hear what crochet projects you've been working on. Send me a message. Also a reminder, for my wonderful customers, to e-mail me pictures of your children in my patterns that you've crocheted. I'm planning on putting up my customer crochet gallery as soon as I get a few more pictures. Have a Wonderful Crochet Day signature-pd

Crochet Tip for Today

ChooChooHoodyGood morning, crocheters! Just a quick crochet tip, that many of you may already be using. When working with multiple colors, at a time, I put each individual yarn ball in a zip lock bag to keep from tangling. When a color is not in use, zip the bag , as far as you can, with crochet yarn coming out. Unzip the color you are working with and the yarn flows nicely. As you know my patterns include a lot of color and I use many colors in each crochet pattern. This technique is very helpful in helping me keep the yarn straight. Life is Short....Crochet More! signature-pd

Crocheting for Spring

Good morning, crocheters. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends. I sure did. Today I'm finishing up my Christmas decorating, and straightening up after company. As soon as I'm finished I will jump right into my spring line again. I'm excited about the two crochet dresses I've finished so far. Perfect for Easter! One comes with a wonderful little shrug to keep her warm. I also have a little jean jacket in the works, as well as a line of coats. Can't wait to share them with you. I've been receiving pics from customers with their darling little ones wearing my designs that they have crocheted. As soon as I get a few more, I will put up the customer gallery. That will be alot of fun. Have a great crochet day! signature-pd

Spring Crochet Dress

OhSoSweetGood morning, crocheters. I've been working deligently on designing a sweet little girls spring crochet pattern. I loved the design on the drawing board, but as I'm crocheting it's not coming together as I'd planned. I think I'll take it into a new direction. The good news is, all the pieces I've completed can be put together into another garment. That's one of the fun things about creating with yarn and crochet. It doesn't have to be set in stone. If you don't like it, try something different. This is also true when you're crocheting one of my Brite Babies patterns. If you want to crochet the pattern in a different color, go for it. Change the color, leave off the sleeve, whatever personalizes it for you. Most importantly, have fun. Have a Great Crochet Day! signature-pd

Christmas Patterns Now Online

Trim the TreeGood afternoon, crocheters. Today is a crazy cross-holiday (just made that up) day. I have spent the entire morning putting away Halloween decoratorations and finalizing my Christmas patterns. I am happy to announce that my boys Christmas Sweater and my girls Christmas Dress patterns are now on-line and ready for purchase. These two were so much fun to create! The little boy's sweater has a large snowman head on the front, and the fun thing is the snowman head is a pocket. The little girls dress has a delightful snowfamily decorating the tree. You will see that these two new patterns definitely stay with my whimsical, colorful  theme. I hope you like them! Now, go crochet! signature-pd