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Girls Easy Crochet Sweater Pattern

Easy Crochet Pattern for Beginners
Crochet is becoming more and more popular. This resurgence in  crochet makes me very happy. If you're a beginner, this girls sweater cardigan crochet pattern is the perfect place to start. Not only is it easy to crochet, you get the added bonus that it is something you'll be proud to say "I crocheted it myself"! Even if you have been crocheting for years, you will have fun crocheting this beautiful sweater design. Look for this, and many more contemporary crochet patterns at
Pick out your favorite yarn, purchase your crochet pattern, and Have a Great Crochet Day!

Bomber Jacket Crochet Pattern in larger sizes

Bomber Baby

Bomber Jacket Crochet Pattern

Good morning, fellow crochet addicts. I have had many, many requests to make my Bomber Jacket Crochet pattern in larger sizes. I am in the process of translating the Bomber up to size 8 years. If you go to my website at and sign up for my newsletter, I will alert you when the pattern is available. Also, check out my new Pillow Art designs. Keep checking back, there are new patterns being added frequently. All new Brite Babies TM children patterns will include larger sizes as well. Have a Great Crochet Day

Crochet Designer 101

Bomber BabyGood afternoon, crocheters. One of the coolest things about being a crochet designer is that you can take your "office" anywhere. Today is a beautiful day in the  Seattle area, so I've moved outside to work on my new crochet pattern design. I have just about completed the pattern for my new crochet jean jacket for children. I'm thrilled with the way it is turning out. I'm hoping it will be as successful as the Bomber Jacket. Check out the bomber jacket crochet pattern at Have a great crochet day

Crochet Pattern Orders

PeekaBooGood morning, crocheters. I am excited to say that I received my first crochet pattern order from Ireland today! The order was for my Peek-a-Boo Snowman Sweater. Cool! This morning I've finished putting my designs on Ravelry. What a wonderful crochet community this is. Can't wait to spend more time on the Ravelry site, getting to know fellow crochet pattern designers. Today I will be spending most of my day preparing for Thanksgiving company. I love this time of year. There is nothing better, in my mind, than spending quality time with family....and eating lots of yummy food! I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. signature-pd

Crochet Patterns

ChooChooHoodyGood morning. Hope you are planning a productive crochet day. As for me, I am taking a short break from designing my spring crochet line. My daughter Sara wants me to crochet her my Choo Choo Hoodie. I can't work on it full time or I wouldn't get anything done in my business. As you can imagine translating my children's patterns into an adult size takes some time, and takes alot of time to crochet. But, obviously, she's worth it. Referring to my last post, I'm still working on getting set up on Ravelry. I'm now waiting back for confirmation that I've been set up as a designer, then I can start loading my content. Hope to see you all there. Crochet Today! signature-pd

Crochet Patterns Available In Yarn Shops

ChooChooHoodyGood morning, Crocheters. Well I've had a very busy week. I finally finished the Yarn Shops mailing and am waiting to see if I was successful on that front. (fingers crossed). I have also been visiting yarn shops in the Seattle metro area, and thrilled to say that 100% of the shops visited are going to carry my patterns. You can now find my patterns at Bad Woman Yarn, Full Circle, Seattle Yarn, and Harmony Yarn in Idaho  It's a small start, but very exciting! Of course, you can always find new patterns on my site! Now enough of this business "stuff" I'm going to crochet! My 18 year old daughter wants one of the Choo Choo Hoodies in the worst way. Today I'm going to focus on crocheting it in her size. Hope you all have a wonderful crochet pattern to work on today as well. Remember, Live is Short. Crochet More! signature-pd

Christmas Patterns Now Online

Trim the TreeGood afternoon, crocheters. Today is a crazy cross-holiday (just made that up) day. I have spent the entire morning putting away Halloween decoratorations and finalizing my Christmas patterns. I am happy to announce that my boys Christmas Sweater and my girls Christmas Dress patterns are now on-line and ready for purchase. These two were so much fun to create! The little boy's sweater has a large snowman head on the front, and the fun thing is the snowman head is a pocket. The little girls dress has a delightful snowfamily decorating the tree. You will see that these two new patterns definitely stay with my whimsical, colorful  theme. I hope you like them! Now, go crochet! signature-pd

Crochet Time

Sunshine&RufflesGood morning, crocheters. I hope you all get some good crochet time today. As for me, I'm working hard on a mailing to yarn shops and have a lot to do for the business, so don't think I will have hooks in hand. I want to share with you a couple of great e-mails I received. Both women said they have not crocheted in over 20 years, but my designs have inspired them to pick up their hooks again. I can't tell you how excited this makes me! My passion is for creating contemporary crochet patterns that will inspire this very thing. Thank you, Suzanne and Barbara. You made my day! Life is Short. Crochet More! signature-pd

Crocheting for Grandchildred

ChooChooHoodyGood morning, Crocheters. I received a lovely e-mail this morning from Margie. She purchased my Choo Choo Hoody crochet pattern and is crocheting one for each of her two young grandsons. Margie will send me pictures of the boys wearing their hoodys as soon as she finished the patterns. I can not wait to see them and post in my customer gallery. Just a reminder to you all, please send me pics of your wee ones in their crochet garments. I am building a customer photo gallery and would love to include your precious ones. Life is short. Crochet more! signature-pd

Crochet Today

Sunshine&RufflesToday is the day I teach Kathy how to crochet. She is practicing single crochet stitches as we speak. Next up double crochet. We are having a great morning...drinking our lattes, talking about anything and everything and crocheting our wonderful little childrens patterns. Kathy and I have also hit on another idea. Since she is a knitter, we could work together on the business if she translates my crochet designs into knitting. How great it would be if both crocheters and knitters could use my patterns! For now, remember, life is short....crochet more.