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Crochet Bomber Jacket Pattern for Children and Adults

Bomber Baby

Bomber Jacket Crochet Pattern

Crochet this amazing Bomber Jacket inspired by the classic . Crochet pattern now available in adult sizing.  This easy to crochet jacket will be the envy of your friends. They won’t believe you actually crocheted it! The contemporary design and extraordinary detail make it truly special.  Life is Short. Crochet More!

Jean Jacket Crochet Pattern

Jean Jacket Cool

Inspired by the classic denim jacket…This darling crochet version will put the “cool” into any child’s wardrobe. This crochet pattern is easy to read and quick to crochet. One of the many Brite Babies designs from Patty Davis Designs. Crochet this jacket in the classic Brown Sheep denim yarn, or crochet in your favorite colors. Have a Great Crochet Day!

Crochet Pillow Patterns from Patty Davis Designs


Abstract Beauty Crochet Pillow Pattern

Crochet this beautiful pillow in a weekend. A customer favorite pillow from Patty Davis Designs, this beautiful flower pillow is easy and fun to crochet. Crochet this pillow design in neutral colors to fit any decor. Or, if you prefer, change up the flower colors and make a whimsical crochet pillow you'll pass down for generations. See this design and more at Remember, life is short.....Crochet More!

Crochet Jacket Patterns for Children and Adults

Motorcycle Jacket Crochet Pattern

Harley Motorcycle Jacket Crochet Pattern

Fellow Crocheters, Patty Davis Designs has re-written her best selling children's jacket crochet patterns to range to size 14. You'll find crochet patterns ranging from a classic Harley Davidson Morotcycle Jacket to a classic Letterman's Jacket. And let's not forget the classic Jean Jacket or the Bomber. These crochet patterns are easy to follow and fun to crochet. Have a Great Crochet day from Patty Davis Designs.

Dressy Girls Crochet Patterns

I'm excited to announce that I've finished the designs for my first crochet book. Coming soon from Leisure Arts the book will feature six crochet pattern designs for girls. Patterns are written for sizes 12 months to 6 years old.You will find three crochet dresses and three crochet sweaters. Sign up for my newsletter at www.pattydavisdesigns and I will alert you when the book is available. Have a Great Crochet Day

New Crochet Pillow Pattern

Spring Life Crochet Pillow Pattern

Another crochet pillow pattern from the Pillow Art collection at This easy to crochet pillow highlights a sweet little bird sitting on her nest while dogwood flowers bloom overhead. Crochet is a great stress releaver. Pick up your favorite yarn and crochet a pillow today.

Crochet Bird Pillow Series

Just Hangin Out

Patty Davis Designs brings you a new series of Crochet Bird Pillow Patterns. Number two in the series is this delightful bunch of birds "just hangin' out" on the branch chatting with friends. Crochet pattern is easy to follow and quick to complete. Order yours today: Have a Great Crochet Day!

Best Selling Pillow Patterns

Just Hangin Out

Good evening, fellow crocheters. I'm excited that my Pillow Art line of crochet pillow patterns is doing very well. The number one seller this week is Just Hangin Out, a whimsical pillow with cute little birds hanging out on the line. Check it out at Look for new pillow patterns coming soon at Remember, Crochet is great therapy.

Owl Crochet Pillow Pattern

Hello, fellow crochet addicts. I love trying to guess which are going to be my most popular patterns. Somethings I'm right, often I'm not. Number one in my new line of crochet pillow patterns is the Owl Pillow pattern, called Hoots and Nanny. It's a whimsical group of baby owls playing amoung the tree limbs, while being watched over by their Owl Nanny. Check it out at I've gotten orders from all over the world. Guess everyone loves owls. Have a Great Crochet Day!

Publishing Crochet Patterns

Good morning, crocheters.  I'm excited to tell you about an opportunity for Patty Davis Designs. I am currently talking to a publisher about doing a Brite Babies TM book, by Patty Davis Designs. How cool would that be? I have been working deligently on designing many more crochet patterns for both girls and boys. Due to requests from customers, I am also expanding my size ranges up to size 6. Of course my new designs will have the same sense of color, whimsy, and will be easy to crochet. If you haven't already, check out the lastest crochet patterns at Have an awesome crochet day!