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Best Selling Pillow Patterns

Just Hangin Out

Good evening, fellow crocheters. I'm excited that my Pillow Art line of crochet pillow patterns is doing very well. The number one seller this week is Just Hangin Out, a whimsical pillow with cute little birds hanging out on the line. Check it out at Look for new pillow patterns coming soon at Remember, Crochet is great therapy.

Crochet! Magazine

Good afternoon, crocheters. I just received my latest issue of Crochet! Magazine. As a crochet pattern designer, I really enjoy seeing what others are designing. If you aren't already a subscriber of Crochet! I recommend you do so. There are always great tips and tricks, as well as wonderful free patterns. I also recomment Crochet World and Interweave Crochet. Always great places for learning and great ideas for crochet projects. And don't forget to watch for my designs in upcoming issues. (shameless plug). Have a Great Crochet Day

Crochet Tips

Good morning, crocheters. I have a crochet tip that will help you add interest and texture to your crochet. Change hooks on different parts of the pattern. When designing my Brite Babies TM patterns,  I use simple crochet stitches so that beginners can easily crochet  my designs. To add interesting texture, I change hook sizes on parts of the garment.  This technique gives the garment more interest and is very easy to do. Give it a try. Have a Great Crochet Day!

Crochet Tip for Today

ChooChooHoodyGood morning, crocheters! Just a quick crochet tip, that many of you may already be using. When working with multiple colors, at a time, I put each individual yarn ball in a zip lock bag to keep from tangling. When a color is not in use, zip the bag , as far as you can, with crochet yarn coming out. Unzip the color you are working with and the yarn flows nicely. As you know my patterns include a lot of color and I use many colors in each crochet pattern. This technique is very helpful in helping me keep the yarn straight. Life is Short....Crochet More! signature-pd

Crochet Tip

Good morning, Thanksgiving is almost here and my daughter Erin is coming home today! I am so excited I can't even express my joy. I won't have much time for crochet today because I have to get her room perfect. I still have alot of work to do on my spring crochet patterns, so I'm sure I'll be crocheting while were watching the kickoff of Christmas movies. I do, of course, have another crochet tip for you today. When crocheting a circular border on a sweater, dress, or other project, reverse direction every other row and this will keep the border trim from rolling. It is an easy crochet technique and works beautifully. Hope you and your family are getting together for a wonderful Thanksgiving. Have a Great Crochet Day! signature-pd

Crochet Time

Sunshine&RufflesGood morning, crocheters. I hope you all get some good crochet time today. As for me, I'm working hard on a mailing to yarn shops and have a lot to do for the business, so don't think I will have hooks in hand. I want to share with you a couple of great e-mails I received. Both women said they have not crocheted in over 20 years, but my designs have inspired them to pick up their hooks again. I can't tell you how excited this makes me! My passion is for creating contemporary crochet patterns that will inspire this very thing. Thank you, Suzanne and Barbara. You made my day! Life is Short. Crochet More! signature-pd

Crochet Lessons Again

OhSoSweetI just returned  from a wonderful weekend with 9 amazing women. We are high school girlfriends and get together for a weekend every year. We call ourselves the Circle of  Ten. My wish for every woman is to be as fortunate as we are. To have a group of true friends that love each one for who they are; that support each other through lifes ups and downs; that give sound advice and never judge.  We are also all engaged in various forms of arts and crafts. There are quilters, knitters, needle pointers, cross stitchers and yes, crocheters. My friend Carol used to crochet many years ago. She was excited to get back into crochet so we spent some fun time re-teaching her the stitches. She is currently crocheting my Oh So Sweet design. She is making it in a fun mix of purple, and pinks. I can't wait to see the finished dress. Live is Short. Crochet More! signature-pd

Holiday Crochet

Isn't it crazy how life gets in the way sometimes. Didn't get the Christmas crochet patterns photographed yesterday, but back on the agenda for today. Both the  little girls Holiday dress and the boys Holiday sweater are a combination of crochet and embroidery. Something a little different but definitely fits with my theme of colorful, whimsical, and extraordinary detail. One tip I'd like to pass along to crocheters: when working in an intricate pattern, always begin and end the row with a regular crochet stitch. This will give you a stronger edge for crocheting pieces together. Have A Great Crochet Day! signature-pd

Knitter becomes Crocheter

 OhSoSweetMy weekend with Kathy was wonderful! I was impressed with how quickly she picked up crochet. I'm sure being a long time knitter helped her alot. Kathy is crocheting the Oh So Sweet Dress and we came up with a great idea. I've been toying with the  idea of translating my Brite Babies TM collection into knitting, as well as crochet. It would be wonderful to be able to offer my patterns to both crocthers and knitters. Kathy is going to give it a shot. I'll let you all know when we add knitting to the Brite Babies line. signature-pd

Crochet Lessons

Good morning, crocheters. I am very excited that my dear friend Kathy is visiting for the weekend. Kathy is a knitter, but this weekend she is also crossing over into the crochet world. I am teaching Kathy how to crochet! We are going to have an absolute blast crocheting together, catching up on what's happening with our families, and probably drinking a glass of wine or two. I can't think of anything more pleasant than sharing the gift of crochet with a dear friend. On that note, I encourage you to grab your favorite beverage,  find a comfy spot, and crochet, crochet, crochet!