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New Jean Jacket Crochet Pattern

Good Evening Crocheters, The new Jean Jacket Crochet pattern is now available. Check it out on my site: This pattern was a huge hit at The National Needlearts Association trade show in Columbus, Ohio. I had a great time at the show, and am thrilled that my crochet patterns were such a hit. It is wonderful meeting so many people that are passionate about needlearts. I'm particularly excited that there are so many crochet lovers. There is definitely a resurgance in crochet, and I'm so happy to be designing crochet patterns for those that like my whimsical twist. Check out all my patterns at Have a Great Crochet Day!

Crochet! Magazine

Good afternoon, crocheters. I just received my latest issue of Crochet! Magazine. As a crochet pattern designer, I really enjoy seeing what others are designing. If you aren't already a subscriber of Crochet! I recommend you do so. There are always great tips and tricks, as well as wonderful free patterns. I also recomment Crochet World and Interweave Crochet. Always great places for learning and great ideas for crochet projects. And don't forget to watch for my designs in upcoming issues. (shameless plug). Have a Great Crochet Day

Wonderful Crochet Patterns

Good morning, crocheters. I received such a wonderful message from a customer, yesterday. I'd like to share it with you. Jeanette wrote, "...I love your patterns! It's about time someone came up with cute & different kids patterns that are crochet. You have a customer for life! Keep up the good work and Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!" It is so wonderful to hear that my customers are loving my crochet patterns. It makes all the hard work and long, long hours, in starting this business, worth while. Also inspires me to work to make my patterns even better! Thanks, Jeanette! Have a wonderful crochet day!

Crochet! Magazine Submission

Bomber BabyYah, I've finished the crochet pattern for Crochet! Magazine. For you crocheters that remember an earlier of my designes will be featured in the November issue of Crochet! I've been working delegently on crocheting the photography sample. It's taken it for the better part of three weeks. Now I just need to put finishing touches on the pattern and send it off. I would love to attach a picture of the finished crochet garment, but I can't. You will have to wait until the November issue. In the meantime, check out my website at to see the new patterns I have just put up there. The bomber jacket is a huge hit! It can be crocheted for either boys or girls. In fact if you want, just change the color and add different patches, i.e. baseball numbers, etc. and it can be any sports jacket. Have a great crochet day!

Crochet Tip

Good afternoon, crocheters. I'm sure most of you are subscribers to various crochet magazines. If you aren't, I would definitely recommend getting at least one subscription. I subscribe to Crochet!, Crochet Today, Interweave Crochet and Crochet World. No matter what your crochet level is, there are always great tips to be had. I also like to see what is happening in the crochet community. Each issue also free patterns. Another fun thing to do is to submit a crochet design of your own for publication. Give it a try. Have a great crochet day!

Crochet Patterns

ChooChooHoodyGood morning. Hope you are planning a productive crochet day. As for me, I am taking a short break from designing my spring crochet line. My daughter Sara wants me to crochet her my Choo Choo Hoodie. I can't work on it full time or I wouldn't get anything done in my business. As you can imagine translating my children's patterns into an adult size takes some time, and takes alot of time to crochet. But, obviously, she's worth it. Referring to my last post, I'm still working on getting set up on Ravelry. I'm now waiting back for confirmation that I've been set up as a designer, then I can start loading my content. Hope to see you all there. Crochet Today! signature-pd