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Girls Easy Crochet Sweater Pattern

Easy Crochet Pattern for Beginners
Crochet is becoming more and more popular. This resurgence in  crochet makes me very happy. If you're a beginner, this girls sweater cardigan crochet pattern is the perfect place to start. Not only is it easy to crochet, you get the added bonus that it is something you'll be proud to say "I crocheted it myself"! Even if you have been crocheting for years, you will have fun crocheting this beautiful sweater design. Look for this, and many more contemporary crochet patterns at
Pick out your favorite yarn, purchase your crochet pattern, and Have a Great Crochet Day!

Crochet Sweater for Girls

Check out this beautiful crochet  sweater pattern with bright fun buttons and whimsical faux fur collar and cuffs.  Crochet pattern is written for sizes 6 months to size 14. With this size range, it's perfect for crocheting a mother, daughter matching sweater set. You can also make this easy to crochet sweater your way by choosing buttons that show the personality of the wearer. Another idea would be to change up the collar and cuffs with contrast yarn. Purchase this crochet pattern today and start crocheting an heirloom.  

Crochet Jacket Patterns for Children and Adults

Motorcycle Jacket Crochet Pattern

Harley Motorcycle Jacket Crochet Pattern

Fellow Crocheters, Patty Davis Designs has re-written her best selling children's jacket crochet patterns to range to size 14. You'll find crochet patterns ranging from a classic Harley Davidson Morotcycle Jacket to a classic Letterman's Jacket. And let's not forget the classic Jean Jacket or the Bomber. These crochet patterns are easy to follow and fun to crochet. Have a Great Crochet day from Patty Davis Designs.

Birds Crochet Pillow Pattern

Birds Just Hangin Out

Good morning, fellow crocheters. I'm having such a great time designing my new crochet pillow line. Check it out at You'll see that I love mixing textures. The pillows are easy to create, but have great texture by using combinations of single crochet and double crochet. It's also fun to mix chunky yarn and sleek yarn in the same design. Adds so much interest and fun. Have a Great Crochet Day!

Crochet Book Coming Along

Good afternoon, fellow crocheters. I've finally completed the designs for my first crochet book. It will be all girls crochet designs and is being published by Leisure Arts Publishing. I have been designing, crocheting, and writting patterns for the last two months. What a fun job I have! Don't know the distribution date for the book yet, but will let you know. I can't wait to share the 6 new crochet designs with you. Happy Crocheting,

Crochet Pattern Update

Good afternoon, fellow crocheters. I am making good headway on my crochet pillow patterns, and am feeling good about the launch of the line in June. In fact, I am currently at OSU for Mom's weekend. My daughter Erin is a junior here. There are lots of fun events for moms and daughters. I even ran a 5K with Erin and about 300 others this morning. Need to have a little couch time before we go out tonight. I have a couple of crochet hours before I have to get ready. Can't look like a frumpy Mom... 🙂 Have a great crochet day. Patty

Crochet Hazards

Crochet Hazards? Are there really crochet hazards? Well, yes there are. OK, maybe not if you are crocheting a reasonable number of  of hours a day. But since I'm working like a crazy woman...or should I say crazy crochet pattern designer...I'm discovering crochet hazards. I say this with a laugh, but have any of you crochet addics worn a sore spot on your little finger, or stabbed yourself multiple times, with a needle, while adding detail? And of course, the only band aids in the house are Dora The Explorer. Thanks, Sara. Truth is, I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm having a blast, and can't wait to get back at it. Bandaids and all! Have a great crochet day.

Crochet! Magazine

Good afternoon, crocheters. I just received my latest issue of Crochet! Magazine. As a crochet pattern designer, I really enjoy seeing what others are designing. If you aren't already a subscriber of Crochet! I recommend you do so. There are always great tips and tricks, as well as wonderful free patterns. I also recomment Crochet World and Interweave Crochet. Always great places for learning and great ideas for crochet projects. And don't forget to watch for my designs in upcoming issues. (shameless plug). Have a Great Crochet Day

Crochet Tips

Good morning, crocheters. I have a crochet tip that will help you add interest and texture to your crochet. Change hooks on different parts of the pattern. When designing my Brite Babies TM patterns,  I use simple crochet stitches so that beginners can easily crochet  my designs. To add interesting texture, I change hook sizes on parts of the garment.  This technique gives the garment more interest and is very easy to do. Give it a try. Have a Great Crochet Day!

Crochet Pillow Update

Good afternoon, crocheters.  I am having a blast working on my new line of crochet pillow patterns. I'm currently working on a birdhouse pillow.  It works in beautiful with my line of bird and flower pillows. The launch of the pillows will be coming soon.  Here is a sneak peak. Just go on my site and sign up for my newsletter and I will alert you when the pillows are posted.