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Crochet Hazards

Crochet Hazards? Are there really crochet hazards? Well, yes there are. OK, maybe not if you are crocheting a reasonable number of  of hours a day. But since I'm working like a crazy woman...or should I say crazy crochet pattern designer...I'm discovering crochet hazards. I say this with a laugh, but have any of you crochet addics worn a sore spot on your little finger, or stabbed yourself multiple times, with a needle, while adding detail? And of course, the only band aids in the house are Dora The Explorer. Thanks, Sara. Truth is, I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm having a blast, and can't wait to get back at it. Bandaids and all! Have a great crochet day.

Crochet Lessons

Good morning, crocheters.  My sister Becky has been visiting for the a couple of days, and I am so glad to have her here.  Of course,  I'm teaching her to crochet and she is picking it up pretty quickly. We are starting with Oh So Sweet, my easiest pattern for beginners. I love teaching new crocheters and bringing them into the fold! Now she'll be addicted like the rest of us. Have a great crochet day!

Crochet Bubble Dress Pattern

Sleeveless bubble dress with matching shrugI don't know about you, fellow crocheters, but I love the popular bubble dress. So, of course, I've designed my version in my new pattern called Pretty In Pink. The crochet pattern is easy to crochet, but the dress is very impressive when finished. The dress is sleeveless for those warm days, but I've added the crochet pattern for a matching shrug. As always, I like to suprise you with an unexpected spot of color. You'll see that on the lavender rose buds that trim the shrug.  Make this crochet pattern your own by using the colors that inspire you. Hope you get in some great crochet time today!  

Crochet! Magazine

Good morning, Crocheters. I am really excited that I received an e-mail from the editor of Crochet! Magazine, asking me to submit designs for publication in the magazine. No guarantee that I'll be chosen, but how fun would that be to be published in Crochet! Magazine. I am crazy busy designing and crocheting for my spring crochet line to show at the TNNA, but I'm going to jump into hyper gear to get something sent to Crochet! Magazine. Wish me luck! Life is Short. Crochet More! signature-pd

Yarn Shop Mailing

PeekaBooHello, fellow yarn addicts. I'm hoping today is a milestone for my crochet pattern business. I've just completed my first mailing to about 250 yarn shops in the US and Canada. I should start getting responses within the next two to three days. I'm confident in the outcome, but can't help but be a little nervous. I am very excited about the prospect of having my patterns in yarn shops so that all crocheters can have access to my crochet pattern designs. I'm also sending out an e-mail today to my subscribers so that they can get a sneek peak at my Christmas designs. Busy, busy, busy. Now, I just need more time to crochet! Have a Great Crochet Day, signature-pd

Pattern Order from a New Place

GroovyBabyGood morning, fellow crocheters. I'm excited to report that I received my first order from  Alaska today. I get excited every time I get a crochet pattern order from a new place. This order was for my Groovy Baby pattern. Didn't expect that from Alaska since it's so cold there. Today I am doing the final proof on the Christmas dress and sweater. If all goes well they will be online Sunday or Monday. I had to crunch so hard to get them up because, as we all know, Christmas will be here before we blink. I'm starting way ahead of time for Easter, that's for sure. Have a great crochet day...and remember... Life is Short. Crochet More!   signature-pd

Crochet Lessons

OhSoSweetGood morning, fellow crochet addicts. Do you recall my wonderful girlfriends weekend, and teaching my friend Carol how to crochet the Oh So Sweet dress? Well, she is making great progress. I received an e-mail yesterday saying she has finished crocheting the bodice, and is moving on to the skirt. Carol is changing the colors from what I used in the pattern. She is using a combination of purple and pink yarns. I can't wait to see the finished dress. Carol, don't forget to take a picture of your dress on a little one so that I can put it in my customer crochet gallery! Life is Short. Crochet More! signature-pd

Christmas Dress Pattern

Good morning, crocheters. Do you ever have a total brain block? Boy did I have one yesterday. I was translating my girls Crochet Christmas Dress sizing, and I absolutely could not engage my brain. Frustrating! The good news is that it is completely finished and sent over for publication. Yah! Today I am wrapping up the boys Christmas sweater pattern instructions. So far so good. Once these two are totally out the door, I am starting on Easter. It may seem a little soon, but time goes by so quickly I want to give all my wonderful crocheters a head start on crocheting these designs. Can't wait to share them with you! is short, Crochet more! signature-pd

Christmas Sweater

I've finished the boy's Christmas Sweater. It is so cute! I know you will have fun crocheting it, and the lucky recipient will be delighted to wear it. I'll give you a peak description. Designed with raglan sleeves, a soft turtle neck, and a whimsical snowman head that is also a pocket. The girls Christmas dress is also finished. It is bright red with white snowballs sleeves. Children will be delighted with a whimsical snowman family decorating the tree. I'm wrapping up final details on the patterns and they will be posted soon. Can't wait to share with you all. Life is short. Crochet more! signature-pd

Crochet Lessons Again

OhSoSweetI just returned  from a wonderful weekend with 9 amazing women. We are high school girlfriends and get together for a weekend every year. We call ourselves the Circle of  Ten. My wish for every woman is to be as fortunate as we are. To have a group of true friends that love each one for who they are; that support each other through lifes ups and downs; that give sound advice and never judge.  We are also all engaged in various forms of arts and crafts. There are quilters, knitters, needle pointers, cross stitchers and yes, crocheters. My friend Carol used to crochet many years ago. She was excited to get back into crochet so we spent some fun time re-teaching her the stitches. She is currently crocheting my Oh So Sweet design. She is making it in a fun mix of purple, and pinks. I can't wait to see the finished dress. Live is Short. Crochet More! signature-pd