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Not to Early to Start On Christmas Crocheting

Start your Christmas crochet projects now. Christmas may seem like a long way away, but as we see every year it sneeks up on us. Patty Davis Designs has two adorable, easy to crochet,   patterns for boys and girls. The "Peek-a-Boo" crochet sweater pattern can be for both girls or boys. If you want to make it more feminine just change the color and put a bow on the snowman. Her adorable Christmas Dress is fun to crochet and truly a work of art. These adorable Crochet garments will be passed down for generations. Life Is Short. Crochet More!

Crochet Like Crazy

Wow, can you believe there are only two days left until Christmas? I hope those of you that crocheting my designs as gifts are finished. If not, you need to crochet like crazy. For those of you that purchased my Christmas crochet patterns, please e-mail me pictures of your little ones wearing the finished crochet garments. I would love to put them up on the customer gallery. It's now time to start working on those sweet spring crochet projects. I will be adding patterns of my spring collection soon. Have a wonderful crochet day. signature-pd

Crocheting Today

Good morning, crochet friends. No crocheting for me today. Erin is home from college and I want to spend as much time with her as possible. We will probably play cards, do some shopping, eat way too much, and enjoy each other's company. I hope you are all having a wonderful time with your loved ones this Holiday season. I'm sure you are deligently working on some crochet Christmas gifts. For those of you that are crocheting my Christmas designs, I can't wait to see your finished projects! Have a Great Crochet Day signature-pd

Crochet Tip for Today

Patty---web-2[1]Good morning, crocheters. I have learned the hard way on this tip: when you are changing colors often, on a crochet project, leave an extra long tail on the changing color. This gives you yarn to use when crocheting a finished edge and you won't have to work in as many tails when you are finished. I hope you are all having a wonderful Holiday season. I also trust that you are crocheting some wonderful holiday gifts for loved ones. Everyone loves a beautiful handmade gift! Just remember, the days are ticking away, so crochet, crochet, crochet! signature-pd

Crochet Today

Good morning, Crocheters. Hope you are all well and crocheting today! Today it is really, really cold in Seattle. About 23 degrees. Brrrr. So I am going to snuggle in and crochet, crochet, crochet. I've just finished the Easter dress I talked about. It is adorable...if I do say so myself. The little crochet shrug that goes with the dress tops it off nicely. This morning I called yarn shops to see how my patterns are selling. All is well in the yarn shop world. I'm also working on my booth for the TNNA show in Long Beach, California, January 8 thru 11. I hope to see some of you there. Have a Great Crochet Day! signature-pd

Crocheting for Spring

Good morning, crocheters. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends. I sure did. Today I'm finishing up my Christmas decorating, and straightening up after company. As soon as I'm finished I will jump right into my spring line again. I'm excited about the two crochet dresses I've finished so far. Perfect for Easter! One comes with a wonderful little shrug to keep her warm. I also have a little jean jacket in the works, as well as a line of coats. Can't wait to share them with you. I've been receiving pics from customers with their darling little ones wearing my designs that they have crocheted. As soon as I get a few more, I will put up the customer gallery. That will be alot of fun. Have a great crochet day! signature-pd

Crochet Tips

Good afternoon, crocheters. I have a little crochet tip for you. When needing to mark a stitch or location, use the handy stitch markers. These great little stitch markers can be found in any yarn store, and they are only a couple of dollars. I also love the fact that they come in great fun colors. You know how I love color. Today it is pouring in the Seattle area, so I'm blocking out the whole day to crochet. I'm working on a very girly dress that would be perfect for Easter, or any spring occasion. My spring crochet patterns are still colorful, but with less intense colors as the Fall collection. I hope you are enjoying the crochet projects you are currently working on. Have a great crochet day! signature-pd

New Crochet Yarn

Good morning crocheters. I've  just received a new yarn from Cascade Yarns. It is their new Ultra Pima. I'm excited to play with it. The sheen is unbelievable. Today I'll make several swatches in different crochet stitches. That's always the first thing I do with a new yarn. I want to see how it plays out, how it highlights different stiches and techniques. From there I get inspiration for how and where I want to use it in my designs. The amazing complex colors will be wonderful in my spring crochet line. So, off to crochet I go. Have a great day. Now go crochet! signature-pd

Crochet Patterns Available In Yarn Shops

ChooChooHoodyGood morning, Crocheters. Well I've had a very busy week. I finally finished the Yarn Shops mailing and am waiting to see if I was successful on that front. (fingers crossed). I have also been visiting yarn shops in the Seattle metro area, and thrilled to say that 100% of the shops visited are going to carry my patterns. You can now find my patterns at Bad Woman Yarn, Full Circle, Seattle Yarn, and Harmony Yarn in Idaho  It's a small start, but very exciting! Of course, you can always find new patterns on my site! Now enough of this business "stuff" I'm going to crochet! My 18 year old daughter wants one of the Choo Choo Hoodies in the worst way. Today I'm going to focus on crocheting it in her size. Hope you all have a wonderful crochet pattern to work on today as well. Remember, Live is Short. Crochet More! signature-pd

Yarn Shop Mailing

PeekaBooHello, fellow yarn addicts. I'm hoping today is a milestone for my crochet pattern business. I've just completed my first mailing to about 250 yarn shops in the US and Canada. I should start getting responses within the next two to three days. I'm confident in the outcome, but can't help but be a little nervous. I am very excited about the prospect of having my patterns in yarn shops so that all crocheters can have access to my crochet pattern designs. I'm also sending out an e-mail today to my subscribers so that they can get a sneek peak at my Christmas designs. Busy, busy, busy. Now, I just need more time to crochet! Have a Great Crochet Day, signature-pd