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New Crochet Pillow Pattern

Spring Life Crochet Pillow Pattern

Another crochet pillow pattern from the Pillow Art collection at This easy to crochet pillow highlights a sweet little bird sitting on her nest while dogwood flowers bloom overhead. Crochet is a great stress releaver. Pick up your favorite yarn and crochet a pillow today.

Upcoming Crochet Magazine Design

Bomber BabyGood afternoon, crocheters. I am excited to tell you that I will have a design in the November issue of Crochet! Magazine. I am crocheting the photo sample now. It is so exciting that my crochet patterns are being so well received. My bomber jacket crochet pattern, that was launched a couple of days ago, has been a huge hit. It's amazing how many e-mails I've gotten to translate the pattern into adult size. Not sure I have time to do that right now, but might give it  try when time allows. Have a Great day, and is short....Crochet More!

TNNA Update

Bomber BabyGood afternoon crocheters. I've been very busy since my first TNNA conference. I met wonderful people and made some great industry contacts. It was fun talking with crochet addicts and knitters alike. I'm excited that my crochet patterns were extremely well received. There was particularly high interest in my new bomber jacket crochet pattern! I had so much fun designing and crocheting Baby Bomber. Check it out on my site. Have a Great Crochet Day!

Spring Crochet Dress

OhSoSweetGood morning, crocheters. I've been working deligently on designing a sweet little girls spring crochet pattern. I loved the design on the drawing board, but as I'm crocheting it's not coming together as I'd planned. I think I'll take it into a new direction. The good news is, all the pieces I've completed can be put together into another garment. That's one of the fun things about creating with yarn and crochet. It doesn't have to be set in stone. If you don't like it, try something different. This is also true when you're crocheting one of my Brite Babies patterns. If you want to crochet the pattern in a different color, go for it. Change the color, leave off the sleeve, whatever personalizes it for you. Most importantly, have fun. Have a Great Crochet Day! signature-pd

Crochet Time

Sunshine&RufflesGood morning, crocheters. I hope you all get some good crochet time today. As for me, I'm working hard on a mailing to yarn shops and have a lot to do for the business, so don't think I will have hooks in hand. I want to share with you a couple of great e-mails I received. Both women said they have not crocheted in over 20 years, but my designs have inspired them to pick up their hooks again. I can't tell you how excited this makes me! My passion is for creating contemporary crochet patterns that will inspire this very thing. Thank you, Suzanne and Barbara. You made my day! Life is Short. Crochet More! signature-pd

Christmas Dress Pattern

Good morning, crocheters. Do you ever have a total brain block? Boy did I have one yesterday. I was translating my girls Crochet Christmas Dress sizing, and I absolutely could not engage my brain. Frustrating! The good news is that it is completely finished and sent over for publication. Yah! Today I am wrapping up the boys Christmas sweater pattern instructions. So far so good. Once these two are totally out the door, I am starting on Easter. It may seem a little soon, but time goes by so quickly I want to give all my wonderful crocheters a head start on crocheting these designs. Can't wait to share them with you! is short, Crochet more! signature-pd

Snuggle In And Crochet

ChooChooHoodyGood morning, crocheters. Hope you are all enjoying the beginning of Fall. I'm looking forward to snuggling in, designing, and crocheting like crazy. My family is driving to Spokane this afternoon to spend the weekend with our niece and her family. We're really looking forward to the trip.Bill will drive, so I will have 4 hours of uninterrupted crocheting. We be able to make great progress on my boys Christmas Sweater Pattern. Have a great weekend, and happy crocheting. Patty

Perfect Weather for Crocheting

Good morning, fellow crocheters. It's cold and rainy today in Seattle. Perfect weather to snuggle in and crochet. In fact I crocheted on my little girls Christmas dress until 1:00 this morning. Then up at the crack of dawn. I'm happy to say that I've finished it. Now I need to button up the pattern instructions and it will soon be on the site for you to crochet. She will be the hit of any Christmas party. On another note, I am so excited about all the positive feedback I'm getting on my crochet designs. Thank you all for your support.

Website Is Looking Good

Now that the site is looking great and taking orders properly, I can focus on crocheting! I will finish my little girls Christmas dress tonight. Can't wait to share it will you all. Just to wet your is red and white and involves snowmen, snowballs, and.....well, that's enough of a hint for now. As soon as I'm finished it's off to photography, building the PDF, and then posting for you to get crocheting. Time is running out....YIKES.