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Crochet Sweater for Girls

Check out this beautiful crochet  sweater pattern with bright fun buttons and whimsical faux fur collar and cuffs.  Crochet pattern is written for sizes 6 months to size 14. With this size range, it's perfect for crocheting a mother, daughter matching sweater set. You can also make this easy to crochet sweater your way by choosing buttons that show the personality of the wearer. Another idea would be to change up the collar and cuffs with contrast yarn. Purchase this crochet pattern today and start crocheting an heirloom.  

Dressy Girls Crochet Patterns

I'm excited to announce that I've finished the designs for my first crochet book. Coming soon from Leisure Arts the book will feature six crochet pattern designs for girls. Patterns are written for sizes 12 months to 6 years old.You will find three crochet dresses and three crochet sweaters. Sign up for my newsletter at www.pattydavisdesigns and I will alert you when the book is available. Have a Great Crochet Day

Crochet Pattern Update

Good afternoon, fellow crocheters. I am making good headway on my crochet pillow patterns, and am feeling good about the launch of the line in June. In fact, I am currently at OSU for Mom's weekend. My daughter Erin is a junior here. There are lots of fun events for moms and daughters. I even ran a 5K with Erin and about 300 others this morning. Need to have a little couch time before we go out tonight. I have a couple of crochet hours before I have to get ready. Can't look like a frumpy Mom... 🙂 Have a great crochet day. Patty

Crochet Designer Crazy

Good morning, fellow crochet addics. Things are crazy busy for me right now. I'm launching my new pillow line at the June Crochet show; designing new  children's crochet patterns for the show; and working on the deadline for my Brite Babies crochet pattern book. It's a wonder I have time to get my latte in the morning! I can't wait to share my new crochet pillow line with you. They will be on my website in June. Go to my site, and sign up for my newsletter, and I will alert you when they are available. Have a Great Crochet Day!

Crochet Lessons

Good morning, crocheters.  My sister Becky has been visiting for the a couple of days, and I am so glad to have her here.  Of course,  I'm teaching her to crochet and she is picking it up pretty quickly. We are starting with Oh So Sweet, my easiest pattern for beginners. I love teaching new crocheters and bringing them into the fold! Now she'll be addicted like the rest of us. Have a great crochet day!

Crochet Patterns in Italy

Good morning, crocheters. I sold my first crochet patterns in Italy today! Thank you, Carolyn. She purchased three of my patterns! The Choo Choo Hoody, Daisy Hoody, and my new Bomber Jacket My husband Bill told me I should get a world map and start sticking pins in it to show where my patterns are going. That would be fun. I'm working on conquering the world, one crochet pattern at a time. Have a great crochet day!

Crochet Magazine Pattern

Bomber BabyGood morning, crocheters. I'm breathing a sigh of relief this morning. Last night I delivered the final pattern instructions for my Crochet! magazine design. I now have some time to crochet. As I mentioned before I am adding crochet pillows to my line. I'll be crocheting on them today. I am also adding baby blankets.  I am still overwhelmed at the response to my bomber jacket crochet pattern. Check it out at More crochet patterns being added all the time. Have a great crochet day!

Crochet Pillow Designs

Sleeveless bubble dress with matching shrugGood morning, crocheters.  I'm making good progress on my new pillow line.  If you go onto my site at and sign up for my newsletter,  I will alert you when I have patterns on the site. I have also been receiving many inquiries asking me to design adult crochet patterns. As much as I would love to do that, there isn't enough time in the day. First I have to finish the crochet patterns on the pillows. Then, my plan is crochet baby blanket designs, and of course always more  Brite Babies TM patterns.....but I'm loving every minute of  it! Hope you have a great crochet day!

Crochet Pattern Orders

Bomber BabyGood afternoon, crocheters. Today has been a fun day for orders on I've received my first order from Australia. Fun! I have been getting a steady stream of crochet pattern orders from Canada and the UK as well.  I am happy to say that my three new crochet patterns are a hit. Everyone loves the Bomber Baby jacket, but some are afraid of putting in the zipper. Here's a tip for putting a zipper in crochet garments. Do not try to sew the zipper in on the sewing maching. Simply hand stitch it to the finished garment with either matching thread, or the same yarn you used to crochet the garment. It really is quite easy. Have a great crochet day!

Crochet! Magazine Submission

Bomber BabyYah, I've finished the crochet pattern for Crochet! Magazine. For you crocheters that remember an earlier of my designes will be featured in the November issue of Crochet! I've been working delegently on crocheting the photography sample. It's taken it for the better part of three weeks. Now I just need to put finishing touches on the pattern and send it off. I would love to attach a picture of the finished crochet garment, but I can't. You will have to wait until the November issue. In the meantime, check out my website at to see the new patterns I have just put up there. The bomber jacket is a huge hit! It can be crocheted for either boys or girls. In fact if you want, just change the color and add different patches, i.e. baseball numbers, etc. and it can be any sports jacket. Have a great crochet day!