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Crochet Designer Crazy

Good morning, fellow crochet addics. Things are crazy busy for me right now. I'm launching my new pillow line at the June Crochet show; designing new  children's crochet patterns for the show; and working on the deadline for my Brite Babies crochet pattern book. It's a wonder I have time to get my latte in the morning! I can't wait to share my new crochet pillow line with you. They will be on my website in June. Go to my site, and sign up for my newsletter, and I will alert you when they are available. Have a Great Crochet Day!

Christmas Patterns Now Online

Trim the TreeGood afternoon, crocheters. Today is a crazy cross-holiday (just made that up) day. I have spent the entire morning putting away Halloween decoratorations and finalizing my Christmas patterns. I am happy to announce that my boys Christmas Sweater and my girls Christmas Dress patterns are now on-line and ready for purchase. These two were so much fun to create! The little boy's sweater has a large snowman head on the front, and the fun thing is the snowman head is a pocket. The little girls dress has a delightful snowfamily decorating the tree. You will see that these two new patterns definitely stay with my whimsical, colorful  theme. I hope you like them! Now, go crochet! signature-pd

Crocheting for Grandchildred

ChooChooHoodyGood morning, Crocheters. I received a lovely e-mail this morning from Margie. She purchased my Choo Choo Hoody crochet pattern and is crocheting one for each of her two young grandsons. Margie will send me pictures of the boys wearing their hoodys as soon as she finished the patterns. I can not wait to see them and post in my customer gallery. Just a reminder to you all, please send me pics of your wee ones in their crochet garments. I am building a customer photo gallery and would love to include your precious ones. Life is short. Crochet more! signature-pd

Christmas Crochet Patterns

I'm a little blury eyed this morning, but finished both the little girls Dress and the little boys Christmas sweater. Now off to photography, finishing up on the crochet pattern, and posting on the web. I've really enjoyed designing and crocheting these new items. I am thrilled to offer them to my fellow crocheters. If you've signed up for my e-mails I will alert you when they are up on the site. As Always, Happy Crocheting, Patty

Snuggle In And Crochet

ChooChooHoodyGood morning, crocheters. Hope you are all enjoying the beginning of Fall. I'm looking forward to snuggling in, designing, and crocheting like crazy. My family is driving to Spokane this afternoon to spend the weekend with our niece and her family. We're really looking forward to the trip.Bill will drive, so I will have 4 hours of uninterrupted crocheting. We be able to make great progress on my boys Christmas Sweater Pattern. Have a great weekend, and happy crocheting. Patty