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Jean Jacket Crochet Pattern

Jean Jacket Cool

Inspired by the classic denim jacket…This darling crochet version will put the “cool” into any child’s wardrobe. This crochet pattern is easy to read and quick to crochet. One of the many Brite Babies designs from Patty Davis Designs. Crochet this jacket in the classic Brown Sheep denim yarn, or crochet in your favorite colors. Have a Great Crochet Day!

Crochet Pillow Patterns from Patty Davis Designs


Abstract Beauty Crochet Pillow Pattern

Crochet this beautiful pillow in a weekend. A customer favorite pillow from Patty Davis Designs, this beautiful flower pillow is easy and fun to crochet. Crochet this pillow design in neutral colors to fit any decor. Or, if you prefer, change up the flower colors and make a whimsical crochet pillow you'll pass down for generations. See this design and more at Remember, life is short.....Crochet More!

Crochet Patterns Featuring Owls

Owls are a huge design element this year. Patty Davis Designs has two adorable Crochet Pillow Patterns featuring whimsical owls. The patterns are quick and easy to crochet and perfect for home decor or an adorable Owl theme nursery. Check Out "Hoots N Nanny" where little Owls get into mischief while their Nanny watches over them. Also available is "Goodnight Mama". This crochet pillow pattern is totally adorable and features a baby owl falling to sleep while is mother watches over him. Find many other modern crochet patterns at

Hoots and Nanny Crochet Pillow

Harley Davidson Jacket Crochet Pattern

Motorcycle Jacket Crochet Pattern

Harley Motorcycle Jacket Crochet Pattern

This Harley Crochet Jacket is in a tie for my biggest seller along with the Letterman's Jacket. I appreciate my customers that have been sending wonderful messages, to my website, about how much they love the patterns. It's also exciting to hear how easy my patterns are to follow, and how much they are enjoying crocheting the patterns. The Motorcycle Jacket Crochet Pattern looks much harder than it is to crochet. The patterns is written line by line which makes it easy to follow. Give it a try. Have a Great Crochet Day

Letterman’s Jacket Crochet Pattern for Children and Adults

Inspired by the classic Letterman's Jacket, this easy to crochet design is a wonder to behold.

Crochet this fantastic Letterman's Jacket in your favorite Team Colors!

Everyone has a favorite Sports Team! Crochet this classic Letterman's jacket in your team colors. Crochet Pattern written to include sizes from 6 months to size 14. This Jacket is impressive, but deceptively easy to crochet. Patty Davis Designs inspires to bring unique crochet designs unlike any other. Her Contemporary, real garment, designs are fun and easy to crochet. Crochet this darling Jacket in your Favorite Team Colors. Go Team Go! Have a Great Crochet Day!

Letterman’s Jacket Crochet Pattern

Motorcycle Jacket Crochet Pattern

Harley Motorcycle Jacket Crochet Pattern

My Harley Motorcycle Jacket Crochet Pattern has been re-written to include sizing up to size 12. This jacket is impressive in detail, and deceptively easy to crochet. Get it at The crochet instructions are easy to follow, and the jacket is easy to crochet! Crochet one for every member of your family! Have a Great Crochet Day!

Crochet Customer Comment

Crochet Pattern

I couldn't believe it when I saw the crocheted Bomber Jacket

Good morning, crocheters. I get such wonderful e-mails from my customers, and wanted to share one with you. The following message came from a wonderful customer named Bonnie. Thanks, Bonnie! "I couldn't believe it when I saw the crocheted Bomber jacket. How adorable! I had to have it! I'm not an advanced crocheter so I was very pleasantly surprised when it said it was an easy pattern. I never see really cute sweater/jacket items in crochet, they are always knitted. I also purchased the Choo Choo Hoody. Another fabulous pattern. Please keep designing these beautiful items." Yes, this totally made my day! Hope you have a great crochet day.

Crochet Pillows With Birds

Easy to crochet pattern

Spring Life Crochet Pillow Pattern

Hello, fellow crocheters. I'm delighted that my Crochet Pillow Patterns are selling so well. When you launch a new line it is always interesting to see what the favorite designs are going to be. This season it is birds, birds, birds! Whether it is the Hoots N Nanny Owl design, or my Spring Life with the bird in the nest, all are customer favorites. These patterns, as with all of my patterns, are easy to crochet. Whether you are a new crocheter or have been crocheting for years, you will have fun making these works of art. Check them out at

Roses Crochet Pillow Pattern

Abstract Beauty Crochet Pillow Pattern

Patty Davis Designs brings you a delightful series of crochet flower pillow patterns. This delightful pattern has abstract flowers that will brighten any decor. Called Abstract Beauty, the name fits this pillow design perfectly. Create in the colors shown, or change yarn colors to fit your decor. Order this crochet pillow pattern today. See the entire series at

New Crochet Pillow Pattern

Spring Life Crochet Pillow Pattern

Another crochet pillow pattern from the Pillow Art collection at This easy to crochet pillow highlights a sweet little bird sitting on her nest while dogwood flowers bloom overhead. Crochet is a great stress releaver. Pick up your favorite yarn and crochet a pillow today.