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Meet Patty Davis

I've always loved crocheting and designing my own patterns. Patty---web-2[1]You could say it's a passion. I am never without a sketch pad, and a crochet pattern idea in my head. In 2009 I decided it was time  to start my own business.  A business that incorporates my passions: design and crochet! So here I am Founder and President of Patty Davis Designs™. (I love the way that sounds). I do my creating, at home, in Portland, Oregon. I have a wonderful support group in my husband Bill, my two amazing daughters Erin and Sara, and of course our dog Olive and cat Charlie. Olive, in fact, is my biggest fan. She is never happier than sitting at my feet as I'm working on creating a new design. She loves my designs! I hope you love them too. Life is Short, Crochet More! signature-pd